Oracle slowly skewering MySQL?

In Linux, MySQL on August 23, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Recent Oracle behaviour on MySQL releases have baffled quite a number of MySQL followers. According to this:


a recent version: mysql-5.5.25, does not have the usual regression testing scripts available.   These scripts have been part and parcel of MySQL since 1999 and not having these for the first time is a real surprise for active MySQL developers.

So how important are these scripts? well it turns out they are very important as it contains a compilation of old and new scripts that verify the new MySQL version a)  does not have the old bugs identified with previous versions and b) contains the fixes for newer bugs.

In other words, a missing regression testing script means, the quality of this version is suspect.  Probably just what the powers that be in Oracle wants to happen.  As of this writing Oracle has already released 5.5.27, I wonder if that and .26 also have those scripts missing.

More than two years ago, I wrote about how Oracle only “committed” to a parallel release of the free version of MySQL up to 5 years from the closing of the purchase (of Sun and its bag of goodies) transaction.  After that it’s anybody’s guess. Five years hence is January 28, 2015.   Two and a half years to go, but before then I suspect we’ll see more reasons to ‘doubt’ the open future of MySQL.


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