The best unix desktop is MacOSX

In Linux, Mac OSX on June 24, 2012 at 9:48 am

Yesterday, I got my first MacBook Pro.. no not the new 15″ Retina MBP, but the more sensible (ports and price-wise) 13″ 8GB mem MacBook Pro (I just cant live without the built-in ethernet port as I’ll never know when I need to do another protocol reverse engineering project).  Having used Ubuntu and Fedora Desktop — my last laptop was a Compaq Presario V3000 running Fedora 15 — I have to say the experience can be really frustrating:  unsupported devices, printing issues, buggy interface etc. I ended up having to do more ‘tweaks’ and ‘patches’ than I’d care.  While the Linux and the linux distributions are excellent (all our servers run on Fedora), the desktop has many issues.

So finally, after several months of waiting for the upgraded version, I got the MacBook Pro.  I can’t say I’m a newbie with Macs (the wife has a 2010 MBP model)  but this is the first time I’ve really noticed the difference between the OSX interface and Fedora’s GNOME desktop, migrating files does that to you.  What’s striking is that its not that different at all.

Here’s my soon-to-be retired Compaq’s Linux desktop:

Fedora 15 Desktop

Fedora 15 Desktop

and the OSX desktop:

OSX Desktop

OSX Desktop

I dont mean similarities in the space background of course.. but in the layout.  The new Gnome 3 default layout looks a lot like the default MacOSX layout.  The directory window gives it all away.. looks like the Gnome developers are closet MacOSX fanbois.

Fedora Gnome:

Fedora Directory Window

Fedora Directory Window

and its MacOSX look alike:

MacOSX Directory Window

MacOSX Directory Window

Even the default folders are similar.  I doubt this is a coincidence.

So yes, I’ve finally crossed-over.  With MacOSX I get the benefits of an iron-clad Unix OS (same with linux) but with the benefit of a well-designed and well-seasoned desktop.

I’ve already seen how future Linux Desktops will look like and it looks exactly like MacOSX’s.


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