Windows XP to Linux (Fedora 15)

In Linux on July 21, 2011 at 8:51 am

Today, its time to put my money where my mouth is.. I’ll finally replace Windows XP in my 4++ year old Compaq Presario V3000 trusted workhorse with Linux (Fedora 15).   We’ll see how long it’ll take and whether I’ll regret it.. to use my favorite post-compile mantra: “it should work..” (then crash).  Here goes!!

ios 4.3.4 is available, update my iphone first! =)

8:30 AM:  Update my phone’s iOS first.

8:50AM:  while my iOS is downloading and installing just some notes on what I need to install in my new linux box:

a. Browsers (Firefox — should be pre-installed and Chrome)
b. Java JDK
c. Areca Backups (so I can extract my files!)
d. Thunderbird Email Client
e. MySQL
f. Netbeans
g. Wine — why? well I have to run a couple of ‘native’ windows apps =(  the alternative for this is to install my old XP to VirtualBox. We’ll see.
h.  SSH Client alternative to SecureCRT
i.   GIMP for simple graphics editing or Inkscape

9:00AM: ok itunes is now installing the iOS.  After that, one final run of my Areca backup!

note: have to include my Firefox and Thunderbird profiles but will probably be just doing this and this or this.

2:00PM: Ok finally installed all my files, GNOME3 looks good.

Coming from an ancient OS, the workspace concept is neat, the response is also snappy compared to XP.

Tried to install itunes as well using Wine..

itunes install attempt

this ultimately failed.

3:30PM: Have to discard GNOME3 accelerated and use the ‘fallback’ version  for my extended monitor which has a different resolution.  All apps are now working except for iTunes.

Working fedora.. XP to linux transition, is surprisingly smooth!

4:00PM: ok that’s it for now.. gotta have lunch!


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