Google+ is not about Facebook, its about Apple.

In Apple, Google on July 14, 2011 at 11:30 am

after giving G+ a spin, I have to say I like the circles concept and execution a lot.  For one thing, it does make segregating people a lot easier so its easier to make a shout out to one without necessarily announcing it to the rest of your contacts.  At any rate, after checking out google.com/+ on my iphone’s browser, I realized that google already has a very rich web mobile app offering, a link to ‘more’ showed the available apps.

So is G+ simply about the FB-like functionality or a means to an end? the end being the entry into Apple’s platform?  I think its the latter, Circles — the FB-like functionality (which is cool btw) is a red herring, the real target is Apple and Apple knows it.   Once the G+ app goes in and becomes available in Apple’s App Store, then this is tantamount to a digital Trojan Horse with Google being able to provide their apps (see above image) using Apple’s infrastructure.  It’s beginning to look like Android++ within Iphone.

We know that the G+ app has already been submitted to Apple.. we’ll see if it gets approved or not.  Very interesting outcome either way.


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