FlexOODB Prototyping ‘new look’

In Database, FlexOODB, Intigrix, Java on March 1, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Ok I finally found time to work on making major improvements on  FlexOODB’s Intigrix-centric  prototyping tools.  I’m satisfied with the build today as we we’re able to finally fix some nagging interface issues.

Some new notable features:

  1. All child elements are tabbed after the parent (instead of automatically appearing at the bottom of the main element’s data).
  2. All child elements have working scoped (ie within the parent) searches.
  3. Moved menu on top (its used to be on the left which turns out to be a real waste of space).
  4. Added ability to define labels in the user interface config file (ie ui.xml)  to allow better labeling for titles, column names etc.
  5. In relation to 3, added jscript controls for data field entries (e.g. user will be prompted if a required field is empty or email address has the wrong format for example — really nice script ) — this fits nicely with Intigrix’s validation engine acting as a front-end validator.
  6. Extensive use of JQuery for interface controls, UI, themes etc.
  7. Better and more intuitive controls (e.g. multiple deletes for lists, row click to view item etc).

Looking forward to building new projects with this one!


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