jetty 7.01 minimum jar requirements

In Intigrix, Java on February 20, 2010 at 11:50 am

i’ve finally upgraded Intigrix’s HTTP engine from 6.1.22 (Jetty) to 7.01, the latter already being hosted in eclipse.org and (necessarily?) changing its packaging. This means some minor changes to Intigrix’s content handler.   I dont know if this will solve our NIO issue with 6.1.22 (Jetty developers say its a JVM issue) but the performance seems to be impressive.  From a typical  load factor of 4-5 (just a few minutes from startup–it is a very busy server), with Jetty 7.01 its just 0.45-1.0.  I’ll know for sure next week during a business day load what the load profile will be like with this update.

Anyway, as usual sans documentation we have to look for the minimum jars to use.   To run Jetty 7.01 as an embedded webserver you’d need the following jars:



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