Oracle shuts down ex-Sun open source site kenai.com

In Java on February 5, 2010 at 3:27 pm

Oracle will shutdown kenai.com by April 2010.  Kenai is an open source hosting site operated by Sun.. havent really used it although I know Netbeans 6.8 has close integration with it.  This is probably the first of Sun’s assets (if you can call it that — certainly not in the eyes of Oracle) that Oracle is dissolving.  While Oracle will continue to use the project ‘internally’ they will already stop accepting new postings and will delete all its contents in April.  Boy.. they really work fast.

What’s next for Oracle? Netbeans?  I certainly hope not, although that might be wishful thinking as they’ve got their own JDeveloper IDE which is closely tied to their (revenue-generating) products.  So far, according to an Oracle-Sun Exec presentation they’ll be treating Netbeans as a ‘light weight’ IDE and will continue to support it.. we’ll see.


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