Why we chose Amazon’s AWS

In Cloud Computing, Networking on October 7, 2009 at 7:48 am

Running an ISP teaches you a thing or two about networks.. and one of those things is we dont what to be running it forever!

With the (independent) ISP business dead and as we transition from dialup (and some broadband) to mainly VAS we’ve seen our users relying less on our connectivity (and getting somebody elses) while maintaining their hosting and VAS with us.  Obviously we need to trim down the infra needed to support dialup and broadband and began looking for a more cost-effective way to provide VAS.

In Jan 2009 we began to seriously search for alternatives.. we considered the traditional hosting as well as the  ‘cloud’ players Amazon AWS and GoGrid.

here’s how they compare:

Monthly Parameters Change Values
No of CPU’s/Instances 9.00 <-based on required cores 2 offset
Memory Per CPU 2.00 GB (2GB minimum)
Aggregate Bandwidth In 120.00 GB (high end estimated)
Aggregate Bandwidth Out 120.00 GB (high end estimated)
Aggregate Persistence Storage Needed 357.00 GB
A. Instance(s) Monthly Fees

Effective Charge For CPU’s/Instance (PAYGO) $669.60 $2,544.48 $803.52 $693.00 $658.00
Effective Charge For CPU’s/Instance (CHEAPEST OPTION) $325.88 $1,116.00 $803.52 $693.00 $658.00

B. Bandwidth Utilization Fees

Inbound (per GB) $12.00 $0.00 $9.60 $9.60 $9.60
Outbound (per GB) $20.40 $20.40 $26.40 $26.40 $26.40
C. Persistence Storage
Disk space  Cost $35.70 $53.55 $53.55 $0.75 $0.84
D. Service Features
Root Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Server Deployment Yes Yes Yes No No
Free intra-cloud traffic Yes Yes Yes No No
Free Public IP’s Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Firewall Management Yes No ? No No
Load Balancing TBA Free ? No No
DNS Management None Free ? Yes Yes
Management API’s (for future automation) Yes Yes ? None None
E. Expected Total Monthly Expense
PAYGO $737.70 $2,618.43 $893.07 $729.75 $694.84
CHEAPEST OPTION (requires advanced payments) $393.98 $1,189.95 $893.07 $729.75 $694.84

Amazon’s AWS, aside from being the cheapest  also seems to be the most mature with servers (aka Instances) being activated on the fly (as opposed to waiting for a day or so for the regular hosting providers) and good set of integration API’s.

Btw, I did try Gogrid, activated an instance and deactivated it (or I thought I did) and got a bill that basically told me that my cost comparison is correct: contrary to their claims they are more expensive.   That ends my short experience with GoGrid.

So there we were.. February 2009 it’s time to take the cloud plunge!


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